Use Adze to edit GPS data like a champ

Adze is a GPX data editor for Mac OS X. Use it to edit track points, automatically split tracks at rest-stops, optimize away redundant data and more.

Edit Track Points

Add, remove and move tracks or individual points with ease

Optimise Track Data

Automatically remove redundant track data, reducing file size and making the document easier to work with

Edit Document Metadata

Edit metadata such as title, author and link for the entire document or for individual tracks

Display Tracks in Google Earth™

Export documents as KML for display in Google Earth™

Manipulate Sections of Track

Extract selections as new tracks, merge multiple tracks into one or delete sections of track altogether

Identify Rest-stops

Automatically split the track at locations where you stopped for some time

View Document Statistics

Calculate distances, average speeds and other statistics for the whole document or specific sections of track

Fix Timestamps

Clear, offset, sort or overwrite timestamps completely with new values based on speed or start and finish dates


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